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Why We're Running

The San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) is a group of elected party leaders who set the local policy agenda, endorse candidates and measures that align with the values of the Democratic Party, and engage our communities by organizing and registering people to vote. On March 5, 2024, all 24 seats on the San Francisco DCCC are up for election.


The Labor & Working Families slate is a group of everyday people who love San Francisco. Our slate represents the diversity of our city: we are union members, renters, public school parents, working families, LGBTQ+, Gen-Z, Black, Asian American Pacific Islander, and Latinx. We care deeply about the future of our city. We want a San Francisco that is affordable, safe, and accountable for all. Yet, every day it feels harder to keep a roof over our heads, pay the bills on our kitchen table, send our kids to good schools, be paid a living wage, and feel safe in our neighborhoods. 


San Francisco has a crisis of leadership at the highest level of local government. Our city’s leaders don’t have a vision and are failing to deliver basic City services, causing housing insecurity, homelessness, and a public health crisis on our streets. With San Francisco being home to the most billionaires per capita of any city in America, City Hall continues to favor the billionaire class, real estate and corporate interests over everyday San Franciscans.


We’ve seen attacks on our democracy locally through the flawed redistricting process and big money interests funding recall elections, while Republicans and the far-right continue to tear down democracy and our institutions with extremist policies across the country. Special interests continue to buy our elections, sow distrust in each other, demonize our immigrant communities, and elect candidates and measures to further consolidate their wealth and power.

We can change this by supporting candidates and policies that uplift working class communities. Candidates rooted in our shared San Francisco values can create a co-governance model of accountability to fight back against the big money that is infecting our local democracy and trying to roll-back the progress we’ve made. We don’t mind if our ultra-wealthy neighbors live here as long as everyday San Franciscans can live here, too.

The Labor & Working Families slate is seeking to represent you on the DCCC to create a strong Democratic Party rooted in the values and voices of everyday people who deeply love San Francisco and want to see our city and all of its residents thrive. Together, we can create the necessary balance to hold the City’s elected leaders accountable to ensure we have a San Francisco that works for everyone, not just the ultra-wealthy.

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